The Risa Curse

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The Risa Curse

Post by marsh8472 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:36 pm

From episode "Captain's Holiday"
WORF: Captain, I would feel better if you would allow me to assign a security officer to you. We will be out of communication range when we leave orbit.
PICARD: I really don't think that will be necessary, Mister Worf. Risa has a reputation of being a most peaceful planet.
Despite it having a reputation of being peaceful planet, every time they go to Risa or even mention Risa something bad happens.

ENT "Two Days and Two Nights" - Trip and Malcom robbed, Archer drugged
DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." - Essentialists take over the weather control system and cause bad weather and earthquakes. Also find out in the episode that Curzon Dax died during his last trip to Risa.
TNG "The Mind's Eye" - Geordie is abducted by Romulans and tortured/brainwashed by Romulans, Romulans sent a Geordie look-alike in his place to Risa
TNG "Captain's Holiday" - Sovak and Vorgons threaten Picard and Vash at gun point
ENT "The Seventh" - T'Pol tracked down a fugitives on Risa killing Jossen and another fugitive named Menos escapped.
DS9 "For the Cause" - Benjamin Sisko recommended Risa to Kasidy Yates, shortly after Kasidy Yates is arrested for helping the Maquis.
DS9 "Business as Usual" - arms dealer Farrakk visited Risa instead of opening negotiations with the Verillians which led to his execution by Hagath.
DS9 "The Negas" - Zek talks about going on a vacation to Risa then dies (fake dies) shortly after. Attempts on Quark's life after that.
DS9 "Honor Among Thieves" - starfleet officer informant secretly working for the Orion Syndicate was in charge of the weather control system on Risa.
DS9 "Chrysalis" - Bashir recommended to Sarina that they go to Risa, their relationship ended soon after that.
TNG "The Game" - Riker is introduced to an addictive brain washing game while on Risa and spreads its use in an attempt to take over starfleet
TNG "Second Chances" - Riker and Troi had planned to meet on Risa but Riker did not show, affected their relationship
VOY "Fury" - told this story about Risa:
JANEWAY: I feel like I already do. Remember the old story? Man goes to Risa, where he meets a beautiful woman who invites him over for an evening of passion.
CHAKOTAY: He wakes up in the morning, feeling wonderful, until he discovers he's missing a kidney.
JANEWAY: Every cadet about to go on his first shore leave hears that cautionary tale. Doesn't seem so outrageous anymore, does it?
DS9 "The Adversary" - Ambassador Krajensky abducted and replaced by a changling while on his way to Risa for an extended vacation

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