Legality Issues from Episode "His Way"

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Legality Issues from Episode "His Way"

Post by marsh8472 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 10:11 pm

This is the episode where Vic hooks Odo up with Kira. He did it by fooling Odo into thinking Kira was a hologram and they were doing a practice date.

Here is the relevant dialogue from the episode:
VIC [OC]: I've done a complete overhaul on the Lola hologram or should I say the Kira hologram? I'm telling you, Odo, you're going to think she's the real thing. She walks like Kira, she talks like Kira.
ODO: Really? How did you manage to accomplish that?
VIC [OC]: I don't have time to explain now. I'll see you tonight, nine o'clock. That's twenty one hundred to you.
ODO: I know.
VIC [OC]: I'll see you then, pallie.
(toward the end of the date)
ODO: No, no, I meant it would be difficult for you to leave the holosuite.
KIRA: Why?
(The song finishes.)
ODO: It's complicated.
KIRA: Complicated to leave a holosuite? You make it sound like I'm a hologram.
ODO: Aren't you?
KIRA: Is that what you think?
ODO: Maybe you'd better tell her.
VIC: There's nothing to tell. I'm good, pallie, but I'm not that good. You've been dancing with the real McCoy.
ODO: You tricked me.
KIRA: And me.
VIC: Hey, I brought you two lovebirds together. That was the whole idea, wasn't it?
Luckily Odo acted like a gentleman during their date but what if he hadn't? Say during his frustration he turned Vic off and assaulted/killed Kira or did something else horrible. Kind of like when Worf destroyed Vic's bar during his moment of anger. Then afterward Odo finds out she was the real Kira who he never would have behaved that way around.

How would something like that play out legally? Who should be punished for whatever Odo does? Odo himself? Vic Fontaine since he's the one that fooled Odo? Bashir since it's his program? Felix because he designed Vic's character? Quark since they are his holosuites? Someone else? No one? I'd think someone should be libel for it otherwise it could open a door to legalize horrible acts on a holodeck

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